Press Releases

April 09, 2012

San Jose Swim Coach Molestation Case Triggers AB 1628

February 09, 2012

News Report Casts Doubts on Mayor’s Employee Pension Figures

January 27, 2012

SAN JOSE – The Consumer Federation of California has given a perfect 100 percent rating to Assemblymember Jim Beall, D-San Jose, for his votes to protect consumers during the 2011 session.

"I'm proud of this rating because I deeply care about protecting consumers' rights," Beall said. "Everyone who puts down their hard-earned cash for goods or services deserves to be dealt with in a fair manner. Legislators have a duty to protect them against unfair practices as well as from products or services that may harm them."

January 26, 2012

AB 154 and AB 171 Advance to Senate

SACRAMENTO – Two bills introduced by Assemblymember Jim Beall to ensure millions of Californians will be able to get therapies and treatment covered by their health plans for mental illness, substance abuse health were approved today by the Assembly.

"AB 154 and AB 171 are the fiscally and morally responsible things to do," Beall said. "Severe mental conditions should be treated the same as a physical illness or injury.

January 04, 2012

SACRAMENTO -- Legislation to give middle-class families a $2,000 tax credit for college-related expenses per student was introduced today by Assembly Member Jim Beall, D-San Jose.

October 09, 2011

Thousands of Californians with Autism Spectrum Disorders will now be able to get therapies and treatment covered by their private health insurance under legislation signed into law today by the Governor.

"This legislation can be a national standard for autism insurance," said Assemblymember Jim Beall, D-San Jose, the principal co-author of Senate Bill 946. "Autism is a medical condition not an education problem. SB 946 sets a course of treatment for hundreds of thousands of kids, now and in the future, who will be able to get treatment for their condition.

October 06, 2011

A key bill to help California's seniors during these tough times by putting more food on their tables was signed today by the Governor.

"Assembly Bill 69 ensures struggling seniors get the critical nutrition they need to stay healthy and vital," said Assemblymember Jim Beall, who introduced the bill in December.

October 04, 2011

Two bills introduced by Assemblymember Jim Beall – both aimed at helping foster care youth lead successful lives as adults – were signed today by Gov. Brown.

"Reforming the foster care system and creating better outcomes are big priorities of mine," said Beall, chairman of the Assembly Select Committee on Foster Care. "I am continuing that work with these two bills, which enjoyed bipartisan support. I'm excited to have them both become law and I thank the Governor for understanding reform is needed to help our foster care kids as they grow into adults."

July 26, 2011

Assembly Bill 159, legislation that preserves foster family agencies during an era of budget deficits and cuts, was signed into law by Gov. Brown. The bill goes into effect on Jan. 1.

"I'm very pleased Governor Brown shares my commitment to do everything possible in these difficult times to protect our foster children," said Assemblymember Jim Beall, who introduced the bill on Jan. 19.