Senate Bill 16, Transportation Financing for Road Maintenance

California’s economic well-being relies on an efficient transportation system to move goods, people, and spread ideas. Because generations before us made the state’s transportation network a priority, our economy has grown to become the seventh largest in the world.

Today, a once-robust transportation system is deteriorating due to age, crumbling beneath the weight of 33.5 million registered vehicles. Much of our road and bridge infrastructure has exceeded their expected lifespans. Rehabilitation and maintenance costs for both the state system and local streets and roads are skyrocketing.

At the same time, we have not adjusted base revenues for road maintenance since the early 1990s. One-time transportation dollars from state bonds and federal recovery grants have been spent. We no longer have the funding to maintain the existing infrastructure much less address the needs of an ever-growing and mobile population.

The state Department of Transportation estimates, there is a $59 billion backlog in maintenance on the state system that is growing by almost $4 billion per year. Cities and counties have a staggering $78 billion backlog for local roads. Their projected revenue levels are insufficient, assuring their backlog will grow and become more costly.

A nominal increase today will keep us from having to make more drastic changes in the future. Legislation is needed in order to prevent devastating economic consequences for future generations.

SB 16 creates a much needed, temporary funding plan to address the maintenance backlog.

This bill:

·         Establishes an equitable financing strategy; everyone contributes their fair share for using the roads.

·         Ensures funding is spent only for road repairs and no other use.

·         Ensures projects are completed on-time and on-budget.

·         Provides funding for the state, counties, and cities to address road maintenance needs at all levels.

·         Rewards “Self-Help” cities and counties.

·         Funds congestion relief for freight mobility at Ports.

SB 16 saves money for California money by preventing further damage, eliminating the need to spend more money in future years due to inflation. Our roads are crumbling, and it is imperative to address the problem now. 

STATUS:  SB 16 will be heard in the Senate Transportation and Housing Committee on April 28th. 

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Crumbling road stories:

For more information on this legislation, please contact Alicia Priego at 916-651-4015