Housing Legislation

In the last two years, the Legislature has taken a giant step to address the housing and homelessness crisis in California by passing the No Place Like Home Initiative and the 2017 housing package. Despite these efforts, California has not been able to fill the funding gap from the loss of redevelopment funds and statewide housing bonds passed in the 2000s. The crisis is getting worse due to draconian funding cuts to housing programs at the federal level. More than ever, we have a moral imperative to invest in housing options other than jails and prisons. We cannot continue to let families languish on the streets while the federal government contemplates funding cuts to working families’ one step away from homelessness. I believe it is time for aggressive and immediate action, and that is why I have introduced a package of housing bills to invest in housing for the homeless and lower-income families most at risk of homelessness.

SB 818

Restores lapsed provisions of the Homeowner's Bill of Rights, continuing important mortgage and foreclosure protections that borrowers have relied on since 2012 to save their homes. (Fact Sheet)

(For questions please contact Carrie Holmes)

SB 912

Allocates $2 billion in one-time general fund revenues for cities, counties, and non-profits to immediately house and help the homeless, as well as hard working low-income families most at risk of homelessness. (Fact Sheet)

(For questions please contact Sunshine Borelli)

SB 1056

Creates more permanent affordable housing for low and moderate-income families by providing Community Land Trusts with a property tax exemption during the construction and development of the affordable homes.  (Fact Sheet)

(For questions please contact Estevan Ginsburg)