The Governor’s Cuts Will Ultimately Cost Us More

January 08, 2010
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Beall Urges the Governor to Reconsider Cuts to Human Services

Assemblymember Jim Beall, Jr. assailed the Governor’s budget proposal to drastically cut key human services that vulnerable Californians are relying on during this vicious recession.

“These proposed cuts are inhumane and unconscionable at a time when people are struggling to survive,’’ said Beall,  chairman of the Assembly Committee on Human Services. “This economy has pushed hundreds of thousands of Californians to the brink. If these cuts are ever enacted, it can shove them over the edge.’’

The Governor’s proposed cuts in health and human services includes gutting the In-Home Support Services program by nearly $1 billion during this budget year and the next. The recommendation would eliminate 87 percent of the 400,000 IHSS recipients who are disabled or elderly but are able to still live in their homes with the help of IHSS workers.

The proposal would severely limit eligibility and also reduce the state’s contribution to IHSS workers’ pay checks, most of whom make a minimum wage.

“This proposed cut to IHSS will cost taxpayers even more money because it will drive current recipients into more expensive nursing homes,’’ Beall said. “It defeats the reason why the program was set up to begin with.

“What’s more it will mean laying off thousands of tax-paying IHSS workers and sending them to the unemployment lines. It will hurt our already damaged economy.

“These giant cuts to CalWorks and child care programs that enable very low-income parents to stay employed are short-sighted and not only create more costs but put the brakes on California’s recovery.

“I hope the Governor reconsiders these cuts and works with the Democratic majority in the Assembly to fashion an equitable solution.’’