Legislature Votes To Streamline Transfer Process For Students

August 26, 2010
Contact: Rodney Foo @ (408) 282-8920

A bill that streamlines the confusing transfer process from community colleges to a bachelor’s degree and also confers an associate’s degree to transfer students cleared the state Senate on Wednesday and now advances to the Governor’s office.

SB 1440, introduced by Sen. Alex Padilla, D-Pacoima, is the outgrowth of AB 440, a bill introduced by Assemblymember Jim Beall that was killed last year in the Senate Education Committee.

Beall, a principal co-author of SB 1440, conferred with Padilla on the language that shaped SB 1440 and served as the bill’s floor manager when it was approved by the Assembly on Aug. 23.

“This bill removes a significant hurdle that has stood in the way of many students,’’ Beall said. “It will save our community college transfer students precious time and money by making the transfer process from community colleges to California State Universities crystal clear and uniform.

“SB 1440 also places a greater value on the academic course work completed by CSU-bound transfer student by granting them an associate’s degree. Before, transfer students’ whose academic pursuits were interrupted or cut short because of financial or personal reasons had nothing to show for their hard work. Now they’ll have an associate’s degree to put on their resumes.

“I enjoyed working with Sen. Padilla during the past year on a bill that will help  thousands of transfer students.’’

The bill is aimed at solving California’s expected shortage of college-educated workers by increasing the numbers of students that transfer into the CSU system. Only 40 percent of student who intend to transfer actually do so, according to a 2009 study by the California State University-Sacramento’s Institute for Higher Education Leadership & Policy.

The Senate voted 34-0 to concur with Assembly amendments to the bill.