Senator Beall's Statement on the Governor's Veto of SB 131

October 12, 2013

CAMPBELL -- Senator Jim Beall released the following statement in reaction to the Governor’s veto of Senate Bill 131, legislation to address an ambiguity in the law that arbitrarily stopped adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse from suing private institutions for harboring their abusers:

“I am greatly disappointed this bill has been vetoed. But more than that, I am sad for the adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse who have been denied the opportunity to have their day in court to confront the people who knowingly allowed their employees to harm children and did nothing to protect them.

“I believe the veto is bad public policy. It is a retreat in the fight to protect our children. The original law that SB 131 was based on has been weakened.

“SB 131 may have died but the cause to stop childhood sexual abuse and those who cover it up does not end today.’’