Raising the Criminal Statute of Limitations Against Child Molesters Wins Approval

August 21, 2014


SACRAMENTO – Senator Jim Beall’s bill to extend the criminal statute of limitation for victims of childhood sexual abuse to press charges against their assailants was overwhelmingly approved today by the Assembly. Senate Bill 926’s next destination is the Governor’s desk.

The bill would raise the age ceiling from 28 to 40 for victims to seek criminal charges. The bill gives victims more time to overcome and heal from the physical and mental trauma inflicted on them as children so they may report these crimes to authorities.

“There is a real need to expand the time victims of childhood sexual abuse may come forward and file a complaint with law enforcement,’’ Beall said. “The current law favors the abuser by letting the time run out to file a criminal complaint before the victim of the abuse is ready.

“This potentially has serious public safety consequences given the recidivism rates of sexual predators. If they are allowed to wait out the clock, the chain of abuse continues.”

Senate Bill 926 was supported a number of group, including the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office; the Child Abuse Prevention Center; California Protective Parents Association; California Police Chiefs Association; American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy; Crime Victims United California; Restorative Justice International; National Safe Child Coalition; and the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault.