November 2015 Newsletter

November 16, 2015



Do you have an idea for legislation? Do you have questions or concerns about a state issue? Join me for one of my community coffee meetings. These informal get-togethers allow you to meet with me for a one-on-one dialogue. My next community coffee is scheduled for:


Thursday, Nov. 19
8:30 a.m. to 10 a.m.
Caffe Adria
6174 Bollinger Road, San Jose


The individual meetings are held on a first-come, first-served basis. Your time with me may be limited due to the number of people who wish to speak to me.







I am hosting a Workers' Rights forum to inform workers of their rights and the passage of legislation that bolsters worker protections and California 's power to crackdown on employers who cheat their workers out of their rightful pay and benefits.


Community Dialogue on Workers' Rights
Tuesday, Dec. 1; 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Our Lady of Refuge
2165 Lucretia Ave., San Jose
Click here to RSVP


State Labor Commissioner Julie Su will join me to explain how the new laws affect workers and what they should do if their rights have been violated. We'll discuss the most commonly reported violations and community resources available to help. Free individual legal advice will be available immediately following the formal presentations. The meeting is being held in conjunction with SEIU, the Alexander Community Law Center, and the Santa Clara County Wage Theft Coalition.


In California, employees who try to recover wages stolen by unscrupulous employers fight an uphill battle. A three-year review of wage claim data by the UCLA Labor Center found 83 percent of workers who won their wage theft cases before the state labor commission received nothing. "In fact, employers often close up shop or open their business under another name to avoid paying workers," the center said.


Last month, Senate Bill 588 (de Leon), which I supported, was signed into law by Governor Brown, to bolster enforcement against employers who cheat workers out of their pay.


The bill authorizes the state labor commissioner to impose liens on employers guilty of wage theft and require them to post bonds of $50,000 or more in order to continue to stay in business.







Many families in California are struggling to put food on their tables. One out of six Californians does not know where their next will come from. I encourage you to make a donation to the local food bank of your choosing as the holiday season nears and as well as throughout the year. One way to find the nearest food bank is to visit the California Association of Food Banks website.