It's Official: $20 Million Grant for BART Extension Approved

October 20, 2016

SAN JOSE – A $20 million grant to begin the final leg of the BART Silicon Valley Phase II Extension was ratified today by the California Transportation Commission, bringing the day when BART cars roll through San Jose to Santa Clara a step closer.

“This makes it official: The BART extension project will now receive the seed money it needs to begin the necessary planning and the relocation utility lines,’’ said Senator Jim Beall, D-San Jose, who serves as the chairman of the state Senate Transportation Committee. “The grant is the impetus we need to get this project going.’’

Beall played a pivotal role in getting the California State Transportation Agency, also known as CalSTA, to work with the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority on honing the authority’s competitive grant application.

The grant award was first announced in August by the CalSTA, which is responsible for the developing and coordinating policies and programs of the state’s transportation entities. The transportation committee’s is responsible for the programming and allocating of state funds for the construction of roads, rail transit, airports, and pedestrian and bike paths.

The grant represents a down payment on a long-term commitment by the state to assist in funding and it is a prime example of the effectiveness of Senate Bill 9, introduced in 2015 by Beall, passed by the Legislature, and approved by Governor Brown.

Senate Bill 9 authorizes multi-year funding grants under the Cap and Trade program for large, innovative mass transit projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The bill ends the repetitive practice of long-term projects submitting funding requests, along with engineering plans, in phases. It also guarantees approved projects funding over multiple years for developmental work.