Beall Helps Bring $4.9 Million to Santa Clara County

December 13, 2016

SAN JOSE – In agreements brokered by Sen. Jim Beall, the state will give Santa Clara County up to $4.9 million to help resolve two long-standing problems plaguing the community -- highway blight and the high unemployment rate for people released on probation.

“Getting the deals done between the county and the state has been an on-going effort,’’ Beall said. “For the past three years, I have convened a working group comprised of California Department of Transportation officials, and representatives from Santa Clara County and local cities to solve regional problems. I’m glad I could act as a conduit to bring all of us together to combat two issues that impact Silicon Valley. The state funding will give us cleaner and safer freeways and also give people on probation a much-needed opportunity to successfully re-enter the community.’’

On Tuesday, the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors voted to approve two agreements that will provide:

•    Nearly $4.2 million for life skills education, job readiness training, transitional employment, job placement and job retention services to probation clients. The total includes more than $2.9 million in California Department of Transportation funding to provide for transitional work crew programs employing Probation Department clients.
•    Up to $790,320 in California Department of Transportation funding to the county to contract with the San Jose Conservation Corps to remove litter and weeds from highway properties, landscape, and repair minor storm damage.

“Today’s action is the result of many months of planning between my office and local and state officials,’’ Beall said. “There are more efforts underway and I will continue working to address this crisis on our freeways.’’