Senator Beall’s Statement on Veto Of Legislation to Establish State Certification Of Peer Providers

September 29, 2018

SAN JOSE –  Senator Jim Beall, chairman of the Senate’s Select Committee on Mental Health, issued this statement regarding Governor Brown’s veto of SB 906, legislation to institute statewide standards for peer providers specialists to expand support for people battling mental disorders or substance abuse through those who have experienced and conquered those same illnesses.

“Because of the Governor’s veto, California will continue to lag behind 48 other states that have already adopted state-certified programs to establish consistent standards of care and professionalism for peer providers.  SB 906 would have created uniform best practices, specifications, and a code of ethics for peer provider specialists throughout the state, an action recommended by the federal government.

“Without a state certification program, counties have created their own certification programs that vary from county to county. As a result, peer provider specialists who are certified in one county are unable to serve people in a neighboring county unless they have passed a certification program there. Because of this, there are fewer peer providers available in rural counties. A state certified peer provider would be able to practice in all 58 counties.’’