Statement by Sen. Jim Beall on the Governor’s Plan to Link City Housing Goals to Transportation Funds

March 11, 2019

“While I applaud the Governor’s aggressiveness in tackling our affordable housing crisis, I fundamentally disagree with the linking of road construction funds to housing construction goals. Not only will it not solve the funding issue at the heart of our affordable housing construction problem, I am fearful this will distract from our much needed transportation infrastructure goals.

“SB 1 was approved by the legislature and upheld by the voters specifically for much needed road safety and maintenance projects. Their use for any other purpose, such as to be used as leverage, is a violation of the trust of the voters and taxpayers.

“A better approach would be to work with the legislature to approve housing legislation that allows for the swift construction of affordable housing.

“SB 5 creates a funding mechanism for the construction of affordable units. Without a consistent funding source, it is unrealistic to expect municipalities to meet their housing goals, regardless of their planning or how well intentioned they might be. SB 5 makes the state a long-term partner to address our housing crisis.”