PRESS RELEASE: Five Wounds Trail Awarded $4.14 Million Dollar Grant

June 24, 2020

San José, Through the ongoing support and advocacy of Senator Beall and community leaders, the VTA Board has approved a $4.14 million Measure B grant award to the City of San Jose for the development of the Five Wounds Trail.

"For decades, I have envisioned a vibrant transit-oriented community for San José to strengthen our neighborhoods and provide pedestrian-friendly pathways connecting transit to neighborhoods. This $4.14 M grant is a significant step towards breaking ground on this important corridor and it helps with the pursuit of leveraging much-needed Active Transportation Program funding."

"Now is the time to continue our investment in pedestrian and bike pathways with the recent opening of two BART stations. This trail provides safe access to the Berryessa BART links the Lower Silver Creek Trail and Coyote Creek Trail. Beginning construction of this project will not only provide safe routes to transit in an underserved community, but also the economic stimulus and job creation in a time when thousands of Californians have been laid off." 

The Five Wounds Trail is a former railway that frames residential and industrial neighborhoods in East San Jose. In 1999, residents of the Five Wounds/ Brookwood Terrace neighborhoods first expressed interest in converting the railroad line that ran through their neighborhoods. Twenty-one years later, with the ongoing support and advocacy of Senator Beall and the community leadership of CommUniverCity and Friends of Five Wounds, this vision is finally becoming a reality. These projects are made possible through the engagement and advocacy of residents and advocacy groups. 

"The Five Wounds Trail has been a dream of the community for many years. Step by step, we've won the support of elected officials and city, county, Open Space Authority, and VTA staff with our commitment to advocacy and stewardship of the trail made manifest by 1256 volunteer shifts totaling 3077 hours of service on cleanups of the railroad right-of-way. The VTA Measure B grant is a significant financial commitment to the continued planning and development of the trail, assuring that the community's dream will come true one day," Joan Rivas-Cosby, Chair of the Friends of Five Wounds Trail

"CommUniverCity is so gratified that funding for the planning of Five Wounds trail and trail network is moving forward. This welcome investment comes thanks to the tireless advocacy efforts of resident leaders, Senator Beall, Mayor Liccardo's office and other elected officials, Parks and Recreation, CommUniverCity, Friends of Five Wounds Trail, SJSU faculty in Political Science and their students, local High Schools, and many other project partners. All those trail cleanups and community education events paid off!"– Imelda Rodriguez, CommUniverCity SJSU Community Director

"This is a regionally significant project, strongly supported by the community and would serve a series of historically under-resourced neighborhoods. As the author of SB 1 (2017), I envisioned Active Transportation Program funding to develop and support these types of investment projects that meet our community's immediate and future needs. I remain determined alongside the community to obtain ATP funding for the Five Wounds Trail." 

In 2017, SB 1 nearly doubled funding for the ATP with a $100 million annual augmentation.

In 2018, Senator Beall worked with advocates and the City of San Jose to submit a $34 million grant request to the California Transportation Commission (CTC) under the Active Transportation Program (ATP) Cycle 4. The application fell 5 points short of receiving an award. A local contribution would have helped the project gain the points necessary and stand out from a pool of over 500 statewide applications. Senator Beall is currently working with advocates and the City of San Jose for an ATP Cycle 5 grant request by mid-September this year. "Today, we celebrate the movement forward in the Five Wounds Trail project; I look forward to continuing our work together to build a stronger transportation infrastructure in San José," said Beall. 

Andrea Bonilla