Legislature Passes Senator Beall’s Bill to Increase Housing and Protect Open Space in the City of San Jose (SB 940)

September 01, 2020

Sacramento, CA - Senator Beall’s legislation authorizing the City of San Jose to make zoning changes that will increase housing construction and protect open space, Senate Bill 940 (SB 940), passed the Legislature today. SB 940 allows the City to proactively increase housing capacity in the urban core and simultaneously protect open space outside of the urban growth boundary. This legislation will boost high capacity housing production and mitigate future wildfire risk by reducing urban sprawl and protecting open space — both key steps in addressing our climate and housing crises.

“While the state must move expeditiously to increase housing production in light of the current housing crisis, we need to do so responsibly. Housing capacity should be concentrated within the urban core in order to safeguard critical open space areas in and around Coyote Valley. This land holds innate beauty and abundant wildlife that must be protected from sprawl to reduce wildfire risk and preserve our natural landscape. SB 940 will allow San Jose to promote smart development that will increase housing capacity near jobs and mass transit while also establishing protections for our open space land.” – Senator Jim Beall

"Our state's housing crisis — as well as the growing importance of open space and resilient landscapes — presents us with a generation-defining moment. Senate Bill 940 will allow the City of San Jose to facilitate housing development while protecting valuable open space — both critical to the vitality of our region. I want to thank Senator Beall for his leadership in advancing this legislation, and urge the Governor's support. This bill will allow us to make good on the early investment that we've made to preserve nearly 1000 acres in Coyote Valley."- Mayor of San Jose Sam Liccardo

SB 940 will now head to Governor Newsom, who has 30 days to sign or veto the legislation.


Media Contact:

Andrea Bonilla
916.651.4015, andrea.bonilla@sen.ca.gov