Silicon Valley's State Assembly Delegation stands united against proposed cuts that would gut California’s Public Education System

June 05, 2008
Contact: Rodney Foo @  (408) 282-8920

Silicon Valley's State Assembly Delegation stands united against proposed cuts that would gut California's public education system and gamble with the welfare of our poor, elderly, and those with disabilities.

We represent 2 million Californians. Our constituents, and everyone up and down our state, deserve the right to a world-class education from the day they enter kindergarten until the day they graduate from college. We believe our state has an obligation to lift people out of poverty. We believe California cannot turn its back on the elderly, who have helped build our state, or those with disabilities, whose dreams and hopes are just as salient as those of our wealthiest citizens.

The Governor's proposed budget to solve a $15.2 billion deficit is risky, filled with disparate cuts to human services and education, and does not provide any long-term solutions. With gasoline prices rising daily, the administration would cut Public Transit spending by more than $800 million.

Three weeks ago, Governor delivered his revised budget and we listened. Today, it is the Governor's turn to hear the voices of the people of California.

Here is what we – their elected representatives – have to say about today's Town Hall and the budget:

  • Assemblymember Jim Beall, Jr: "This proposed budget unfairly targets our poor, elderly, and disabled. We can do better.''
  • Assemblymember Joe Coto: "We cannot cut education by $4 billion and expect our students to get a quality education. We need to invest in our young people who are California's future.''
  • Assemblymember Sally Lieber: ''Now more than ever we have to understand the real impact of our budget decisions and to pose solutions to these devastating cycles."
  • Assemblymember Ira Ruskin: "Because this is a difficult budget year, it is important that we hear from the people to ensure that their values are reflected in the tough decisions that we have to make."
  • Assemblymember Alberto Torrico: "Our budget should reflect our values and support for investments in education, health care and infrastructure."