Criminal Statute of Limitations is Extended for Victims of Sex Abuse

September 30, 2014

SACRAMENTO – Senate Bill 926, legislation by Senator Jim Beall to give more time to the survivors of childhood sex abuse to press charges against their assailants, was signed into law by Gov. Brown today. The law becomes effective on Jan. 1.

The bill calls for changing California’s penal codes by increasing the deadline for victims to seek criminal charges against the person or persons who abused them. Currently, victims have until they turn age 28 to press charges. Under SB 926, the age limit is raised to 40 years.

“This bill provides more time for traumatized victims to cope with the mental and physical scars they received from the people who hurt them,’’ Beall said.
“Medical evidence tells us victims require more time to come forward and expose their abuser to law enforcement. These credible findings effectively undermine the premise that victims must be restricted from seeking prosecution after they turn 28. In fact, it raises the question why survivors of childhood sex abuse should be restricted at all from reporting the crime. We must not allow child molesters to elude justice simply because they are able to ‘wait out the clock.’

“I believe SB 926 will get sexual predators off the streets and stop them from abusing more children, as well as giving closure to those who have already suffered the abuse.