Senator Beall's Reaction to the 2015-16 Budget

June 15, 2015

SACRAMENTO -- Senator Jim Beall, D-San Jose, chairman of both the Senate Transportation and Housing Committee and the Senate Select Committee on Mental Health, issues this statement regarding the approval of the new state budget:

“I am encouraged by this budget’s commitment to increase funding for schools, colleges, and the disadvantaged. But it turns a blind eye to the crumbling community-based infrastructure that serves over 270,000 Californians with developmental disabilities.

“Fifteen years of inflation and the continual denial of cost-of-living adjustments has taken its toll, forcing the closure of homes and programs that served thousands of people with developmental disabilities over the past decade. More will follow.

“For example, the budget ignores the lives and choices of more than 26,000 people who live in community care facilities and puts them at risk of losing their housing. How many more homes must be lost in the absence of an across-the-board increase? The system is in crisis and needs help now.’’