August 24, 2018

SACRAMENTO – A bill that gives California a way to complete road upgrades and major rehabilitation projects faster, cheaper, and easier was green-lighted by the Legislature today and sent to the Governor’s Office.  The bill was advanced on a 39-0 concurrence vote in the Senate.

Senate Bill 1262, carried by Senator Jim Beall, enables Caltrans to meet a requirement in Senate Bill 1 that calls for Caltrans to institute efficiency measures with the goal of saving up to $100 million annually in maintenance and rehabilitation costs of the state highway system.

August 24, 2018

SACRAMENTO – An amended version of SB 215 by Sen. Jim Beall that assists courts with the implementation of mental health diversion programs while protecting public safety will be up for consideration next week in the Assembly.

“Successful mental health diversion programs increase public safety by addressing the root cause of the offense,’’ said Beall, who serves as chairman of both the Senate Select Committee on Mental Health and the Mental Health Caucus. “Providing treatment is a priority because nearly a third of California’s jail population suffers from a mental illness.

August 23, 2018

SACRAMENTO – With an assist from Senator Jim Beall, Santa Clara County was granted $15 million in state funding today to help youth and young adults, gain increased access to treatment for emerging mental health needs.

The four-year grant was unanimously approved by the Mental Health Services and Oversight & Accountability Commission, which directs Proposition 63 funding. Beall, who serves on the commission, voted in support of the grant award.

August 20, 2018

SACRAMENTO -- Homeowners facing foreclosure may once again be able to rely on the protection of the Homeowner Bill of Rights to stay in their homes after Senator Jim Beall’s SB 818 was approved by a 33-0 vote in the Senate today. The bill will now be sent to the Governor for his consideration.

July 20, 2018

SACRAMENTO – Senator Jim Beall’s legislation, SB 1053, to resolve any confusion about how long a victim of childhood sexual abuse has to file a claim against a public entity and seek justice through the civil courts, was ratified today by Governor Brown.

“Since many abusers manage to escape prosecution,’’ Beall said, “the ability of victims to file a civil case should be protected and serve as a deterrent to the perpetuation of abuse by those who would shield the abusers from justice.’’

July 20, 2018

SACRAMENTO – When a child moves through the placement process in dependency court, Court Appointed Special Advocates stand by the child to protect their best interests and provide recommendations that best serve the child’s needs.

Yet these advocates are not required to participate in one of the most crucial junctures in the placement process -- family team meetings that include the child and parents, child welfare personnel as well as counselors, extended family, friends, and others.