ABC7 News: Here's how SB 915 aims to make autonomous vehicle regulation safer at the local level

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- After seeing issues with autonomous vehicles across the state, South Bay State Senator Dave Cortese wants to put up some regulation guardrails for the community.

He has introduced Senate Bill 915, which would put decisions for these cars in the hands of local lawmakers and not the state.

The future of artificial intelligence is out there and it may be even driving right past you on the streets.

Senator Cortese aims to embrace new wave of technology, but wants to pump the brakes on the current regulations -- or lack thereof.

"We've never really had a system in this country. I mean from the Henry Ford days, where you just go out and experiment on the streets without traffic laws in place and without the kind of requirements that keep it safe," Cortese said.

After seeing issues involving safety of these autonomous vehicles in places like San Francisco and Los Angeles, Cortese introduced Senate Bill 915 to steer driverless car safety into the hands of local governments, who currently have no influence.

Cortese says once the CPUC and DMV permits the cars to be on the roads, there are not enough accountability measures as piloted vehicles.

He believes putting local governments in charge of closing this loophole is best for safety.

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