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Should local governments be allowed to pass their own regulations around autonomous vehicles (also known as robotaxis, self-driving vehicles or AVs)?

A bill that would do just that moved one step closer to becoming law on Wednesday, when the Senate Local Government Committee appeared to give its approval to SB 915, by Sen. Dave Cortese, D-San Jose.

In just the first few months of 2024, four California hospitals have closed or announced plans to close their maternity wards.

Over the past three years, San Jose has failed to consistently track the more than $300 million spent to fight homelessness and cannot adequately ensure that the money is helping to alleviate the crisis, according to a much-anticipated state audit.

California is not doing enough to track and evaluate efforts to address homelessness — despite billions of dollars spent to address the crisis, a state auditor found in a report released Tuesday.

San Jose has until September to formulate a succinct plan on how it will address homelessness and begin publicly reporting spending data, according to an audit requested by a local legislator.

California has failed to consistently track the ongoing costs and outcomes of its homelessness services despite spending billions of dollars over the past five years to combat the crisis, a new state audit report found.


California failed to track the effectiveness of its billion-dollar spending on homelessness programs and "must do more to assess the cost-effectiveness of its homelessness programs," according to a new state audit report.


SAN JOSE, CA – California State Senator Dave Cortese (D-Santa Clara) and Assemblymember Ash Kalra (D-San Jose) presented the Silicon Valley Pain Index analysis at Town Hall last Saturday to highlight racial inequity and economic disparities in Santa Clara County.