Bill to Protect Continuing Care Residents Signed into Law

Senator Dave Cortese’s (D-San Jose) bill, SB 707, to protect residents of Continuing Care Retirement Communities has been signed into law by Governor Gavin Newsom.

Sponsored by the Continuing Care Residents' Association, SB 707 requires continuing care facilities to provide notice to current and prospective residents of any pending or recent corrective action orders issued by the State Department of Social Services, as well as any complaints or concerns filed with the facility’s management or board.

Nationwide, 20 Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC’s) bankruptcies occurred between 2001 and 2016, with more occurring since.

SB 707 protects current and future residents of California’s over 100 CCRC’s, comprising over 20,000 units, by providing them with transparency on the financial status and safety of the facilities they are making a lifelong commitment to. 

Senator Dave Cortese says, “SB 707 protects some of California’s most vulnerable residents to ensure they can retire in safe, stable, and supportive environments. With our older adult population growing at three times the rate of our general population, we will face new, unique challenges in supporting their long-term care, and I’m thankful to my colleagues and Governor Gavin Newsom for prioritizing their well-being in the communities they choose to live in.”

The California Continuing Care Residents Association says, “The State will now have an early warning system to detect when a CCRC may be having problems to protect the life savings and well-being of seniors living in these communities. CCRC residents from around California demanded greater oversight and protection and we are grateful to Senator Cortese for authoring the legislation and for the Governor for signing it into law.”