Cortese Applauds Historic Universal Basic Income Plan in California Budget

This year’s state budget (see SB/AB 153 for details) includes California’s first state-funded universal basic income (UBI) proposal. The Legislature today voted to begin administering the “California Guaranteed Income Pilot Program”, a $35 million program to be governed by the state Department of Social Services for the purposes of providing payments of up to $1,000 to eligible program participants. The Department will prioritize funding to serve residents exiting the state’s extended foster care program as well as pregnant individuals.

Senator Dave Cortese (D-San Jose), a champion of guaranteed basic income proposals and author of SB 739, The Universal Basic Income for Transition Age Foster Youth Act, issued the following statement today:

“The first-of-its kind pilot we championed in Santa Clara County is only one example of guaranteed basic income working successfully to improve lives and lift people out of poverty. I’d like to thank my colleagues for partnering with me on this important work and investing in this concept that will uplift the lives of so many. I’m excited that 40 million Californians will now get a chance to see how guaranteed income works in their own communities”

SB 739 would provide unconditional and direct cash assistance of $1,000 a month to youth aging out of the Extended Foster Care Program in California. SB 739 is based on the successful UBI for foster youth model championed by Senator Cortese in Santa Clara County.