San José – Evergreen Community College District to Receive $1 Million Planning Grant

San José – Evergreen Community College District (SJECCD) will receive $1 million in the 2021-2022 California state budget to “support planning and community engagement to explore ideas for development” of District-owned surplus land adjacent to Evergreen Valley College near the intersection of Yerba Buena and San Felipe Roads.

“We have been working for quite some time to determine how we can best utilize this land to serve students and serve the community,” said SJECCD Chancellor Dr. Byron D. Clift Breland. “This funding will be extremely helpful in finalizing that planning and engaging with the community.”

The funding is included in Assembly Bill 132, the California Assembly’s Postsecondary Education Trailer Bill, and was included by State Senator Dave Cortese. “Our state budget includes transformative investments in community-led efforts across California,” Senator Cortese said. “I look forward to seeing the positive impact these funds will have on our district.”

Senator Cortese and his staff worked closely with SJECCD staff to ensure the funding was included in the bill. “I want to thank Senator Cortese and his staff for including this funding for our District and working with us to ensure that we are maximizing the benefits of our surplus land so students and the community we serve can benefit.”

The surplus land in question comprises approximately 27 acres of land that was designated surplus in 2004.