Senate Judiciary Committee Advances Senator Cortese’s Legislation to Enforce Skilled Workforce Standards

Building on California's commitment to a skilled and trained workforce, Senator Dave Cortese has introduced new legislation to strengthen the state's labor force reporting requirements. On Tuesday, the Senate Judiciary Committee passed Senate Bill (SB) 1162, which will enhance compliance with skilled and trained workforce requirements on public projects.

The bill represents a comprehensive initiative to synchronize California's labor standards with the ambitious infrastructure objectives established by both state and federal governments. Last year's SB 150, co-authored by Senator Cortese and fellow senators, crafted a strategy to incorporate community benefits into state agency project labor agreements for significant infrastructure initiatives. SB 1162 aims to guarantee that the workforce driving relevant projects adheres to skilled and trained workforce standards, leading to the creation of higher-quality, family-supporting jobs.

“This bill is about transparency, accountability, and ensuring that California's workforce is equipped to meet the demands of the future,” said Senator Cortese (D-San Jose). “With SB 1162, we ensure our workforce is skilled, trained, and fairly compensated. It’s critical to build infrastructure projects on time and on budget. But our work doesn’t stop there — our workforce must similarly be built up and ready for any challenge.”

SB 1162 ensures contractors and subcontractors demonstrate compliance with California's labor standards by allowing Labor-Management Cooperation Committees (LMCCs) to accurately verify that workers have the necessary training, thereby improving compliance and enforcing labor standards more effectively.

SB 1162 has garnered support from key labor organizations, including the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, for its potential to significantly improve labor standards compliance on public works projects. Its introduction underscores the importance of detailed and accurate reporting in upholding labor laws and protecting workers across the state.

Senator Dave Cortese represents Senate District 15, which encompasses most of San Jose and much of Santa Clara County in the heart of Silicon Valley. Visit Senator Cortese’s website: