Senator Cortese: Protecting Your Power Bill


Dear Neighbors,

As the winter chill sets in, many of our residents are struggling with higher electricity bills. Unfortunately, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) is considering a new way of charging people for electricity that's based on how much money they make. That’s the wrong approach! Californians already face some of the highest electricity bills in the nation, and I am committed to protecting you from unfair charges.

Here's what's happening: The major utility companies have proposed fixed charges that could be the highest in the country. These charges would be added to our monthly energy bills, regardless of how much electricity we use. For people who don't qualify for special discount programs, this could mean a spike on their monthly bill!

Many of you have contacted my office to express concerns about the spikes in your PG&E bills. I hear you, and I share your concern! 

Many Californians use less electricity, particularly those in apartments or small homes. Yet, under this new plan, they might pay even more, which is unfair. Families in smaller homes could see their bills increase by as much as $360 a year without any real benefits, while larger homes might see a decrease in their monthly bill. 

The CPUC is using its authority under AB 205, a state budget bill, to implement fixed charges based on income. This is not appropriate! 

Due to these concerns, I've asked the CPUC to retract this plan. Click here to read the letter my Senate colleagues and I sent to the CPUC.

We demand more transparency and public hearings from the CPUC, so you can have your say. You deserve affordable electricity and a plan that aligns with our objectives for a cleaner, more efficient California. 

As always, I encourage you to email me at  with questions, concerns, or requests.