Senator Cortese’s Statement on Governor’s “May Revision”

Senator Cortese (D-Silicon Valley) made the following statement about California Governor Gavin Newsom’s revised state budget, also known as the “May Revision”, that was released earlier today:

With a surplus projected to be as high as $97.5 billion, we have an incredible opportunity to put money back into the people’s pockets so that they can meet their basic needs.”

“So many Californians face anxiety around housing and rental instability, increased utility costs, healthcare, and uncertainty around their financial future – our businesses are facing major employment recruitment and retention challenges. The proposed $18.1 billion inflation relief package can provide much-needed relief to Californian’s struggling to keep up with rising costs,” says Senator Cortese.

For the past two decades, following the May Revision, Senator Cortese has led a yearly bus trip to Sacramento to provide hundreds of Santa Clara County residents and students an avenue to urge State Legislators to secure adequate funding for our public education system: early learning, TK-12, and higher education.

As a public education advocate, I know that a high-quality education system forms the backbone of our society. That is why I am pleased that this proposal includes per-pupil spending at its highest level in our state’s history: $20,855. It is critical that we fully fund our public education system to set our students up for success – and this starts with investments in early learning.”

He added: “Representing an agricultural area that is wildfire prone, I know firsthand the impact that our historic drought is having on our communities - dry conditions are causing increased wildfire intensity as well as livestock and crop destruction. This budget cycle, we must put our planet first. The proposed additional $32 billion investment toward fighting climate change can help build climate-resilient neighborhoods – we need more robust efforts around extreme heat protection and grid resilience.”

“I look forward to working with our Governor and my colleagues on finalizing a balanced proposal and I am confident this year’s budget will make a difference in the everyday lives of all Californians.”