Senator Dave Cortese and CA Leaders Expedite the Safer California Plan

Senator Dave Cortese proudly stood alongside Senate President pro Tempore Mike McGuire, Speaker of the Assembly Robert Rivas, and colleagues from both houses of the legislature to expedite the bipartisan Safer California Plan—a package of 14 bills that address the increasing threats of retail theft and local crime in California.

"Today, we took a significant step toward a safer California," said Senator Cortese. "The Safer California Plan will tackle urgent public concerns and rising crime, ensuring essential legal reforms are enacted swiftly."

This Safer California plan addresses various quality-of-life and safety concerns for Californians. Among the key bills is SB-908, Senator Cortese’s bill to protect California’s children from fentanyl exposure. Also included is SB-1242, which targets the use of fires as diversions for retail theft.

"The horrific fire and destruction of a Home Depot in my hometown of San Jose, CA, serves as a clear reminder of the urgency of this legislation," commented Senator Cortese. "Events like these demonstrate that there is simply no time to wait when addressing these critical issues."

Senator Cortese and his colleagues are determined to provide immediate and effective solutions to these threats. Urgency clauses will expedite the implementation of the Safer California Plan, ensuring that the safety and well-being of Californians are prioritized.

Senator Dave Cortese represents Senate District 15, which encompasses San Jose and much of Santa Clara County in the heart of Silicon Valley. Visit Senator Cortese’s website: