Senator Dave Cortese Launches Investigation into Driverless Vehicle Permits

State Senator Dave Cortese (D – San Jose) has initiated a public inquiry into the permitting process for driverless vehicles within the State of California.

Last week, the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) immediately suspended the company Cruise's autonomous vehicle deployment and testing permits amid safety concerns.

Senator Cortese says he seeks to uncover the procedures and protocols governing the granting and revocation of permits for driverless vehicles, with a specific focus on safety standards and the recent suspension of Cruise's driverless car permits.

State Senator Dave Cortese, a member of the Senate Transportation Committee and Chair of the Senate Labor, Public Employment, and Retirement Committee made the following statement today, “Given the rapidly-evolving developments in autonomous vehicle technology, including the integration of artificial intelligence, protocols regarding the permitting process require increased transparency to ensure a responsible transportation landscape. We need clear regulations that keep pace with technology, creating innovation while protecting public safety and addressing issues like sudden starts and stops, traffic blockage, and cooperation with our first responders on the road.”

The Senator’s official inquiry can be viewed at this link.