Beall: 2016-17 Budget Lifts Californians Out of Poverty

June 15, 2016

SACRAMENTO -- Senator Jim Beall, D-San Jose, chairman of the Senate Transportation and Housing Committee, issues this statement regarding the $122 billion spending budget passed by the Legislature:

“The new budget, passed on time, is a sensible and responsible plan that reflects the Legislature’s priorities together with the Gov. Brown’s vision for California’s future. This budget lifts people up who have not shared in the economic recovery and also prudently sets more money aside for emergencies.

“The 2016-2017 budget will significantly help 9 million adults and children in California who live in poverty . It sets aside $400 million for the construction of thousands of affordable housing and includes a $2 billion bond for permanent supportive housing for chronically homeless people with mental illnesses.

“With this budget, we are laying down a solid foundation for students to excel by restoring funding for childcare and pre-school programs so children will be better prepared when they enter classrooms. And in addition to ensuring there are 7,000 more spaces at our public universities for California’s students, the Legislature is investing $200 million more in school and university programs to enable low-income students to go to college and graduate on time.

“With this budget, the Legislature addressed many problems, including depositing $1.8 billion more into the Rainy Day fund. With this addition, the state’s emergency will reserve will stand at $8.5 million.’’