Senator Jim Beall's Reaction to the Signing of SB 595

October 09, 2017

CAMPBELL – Senator Jim Beall, chairman of the Transportation and Housing Committee, issues this statement on the Governor’s signing of Senate Bill 595, a proposed ballot measure that would increase Bay Area bridge tolls, except for the Golden Gate Bridge, to fund a traffic relief plan comprised of over 30 projects to reduce commute times:

“Bay Area voters will now have the power to create a long-term, comprehensive regional solution to reduce frustrating rush-hour congestion. Senate Bill 595 contains over 30 projects that have been supported by employers and counties. Those projects include access improvements to the Dumbarton Corridor, Richmond-San Rafael Bridge; and new direct connectors for the Interstate 680/State Route 4 interchange.

“With more new jobs on the horizon, the Bay Area must invest in ways to get commuters off the road. Under SB 595, more BART cars will be purchased and service will be extended to San Jose, an Eastridge to BART Regional Connector will be created, and the planning process for a new BART Transbay Rail Crossing will be started.

“The bill contains strong accountability measures. It institutes an independent oversight committee in addition to an Independent Office of the BART Inspector General to ensure effective and efficient use of bridge toll fares.’’