Confronting California's Housing Crisis

Confronting California's Housing Crisis

Senator Jim Beall confronted California’s housing crisis by increasing funding to proven programs for homeless veterans, families, seniors and people with disabilities including SB 3 a $4 billion bond measure. If approved by voters in November, SB 3 would generate up to $15 billion in state and federal funding for affordable housing. Beall also co-authored legislation that creates a permanent funding source for affordable housing and supported legislation to reduce burdensome regulations to speed up new housing construction. And in the aftermath of floods that devastated a San Jose neighborhood, Beall took action to secure $5.4 million in state funding to help flood victims.

Assisted people with low incomes and the homeless who were displaced by the Coyote Creek flood in February 2017 by securing $5.4 million through a state budget bill. AB 130.

Authored SB 3, the Veterans and Affordable Housing Bond of 2018, a $4 billion bond measure to create more affordable housing and curb skyrocketing home and rental prices that have contributed to an exodus of Californians to other states. Over a five-year period, SB 3 is projected to create 50,000 units and 137,000 jobs, resulting in $33.5 billion in economic activity.

Co-authored SB 2 (Atkins), the Building Homes and Jobs Act, to establish a permanent funding source for affordable housing through a $75 fee on real estate transaction documents. The bill generates about $250 million annually, which would be shared by the state and local government housing programs. Signed into law.

Co-authored SB 167 (Skinner) to ensure cities maintain an ongoing supply of housing construction sites for residents of various income levels. Signed into law.

Co-authored AB 932 (Ting) to combat homelessness by creating a three-year pilot program in San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley and Los Angeles, with the goal of expediting construction of more temporary shelters. Signed into law.

Co-authored AB 678 (Bocanegra) so no city can arbitrarily deny affordable housing construction, enabling more employees to live in the communities where they work. The bill increases the burden of proof required for a local government to reject or require downsizing of a housing project that includes affordable units.

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