Prioritizing Public Education

Prioritizing Public Education


Beall stood tall for California’s K-12 students by supporting an education budget that raises per pupil spending to over $11,000 – the highest in state history. He also voted to expand funding for Cal Grants and a program that incentivizes college completion in four years. He also sought to increase access to mental health and substance abuse services for students.

Beall worked effectively to obtain funding for schools and students to promote educational attainment by working through the budget process:

$1.4 billion additional funding for Local Control Funding Formula that gives school districts the autonomy to decide which programs and services to spend state funding on.

$50 million in Proposition 98 funding for the After School Education and Safety Program to provide for before and after school care. This includes literacy, academic enrichment and health and nutrition components among other activities for K-9.

Supported the appropriation of $30 million in Proposition 56 funding to bolster programs that prevent and reduce the use of tobacco and nicotine products by young people.

$25 million augmentation for the Full-Time Student Success Grant, a financial aid program for Cal Grant B and Cal Grant C recipients who are full-time students at a California community college, and $1 million ongoing funding to support financial aid administration.

$11 million in federal Title II local assistance funding to establish the California Educator Development Program to strengthen the state’s efforts to address teacher recruitment and retention issues.

$10 million in Proposition 98 funding for Refugee Student Support. CDSS allocates grants to school districts impacted by significant number of refugee students.

 $7.5 million in one-time funding from the General Fund for the University of California, Community College, and CSU systems to create incentive funding grants for “hunger-free campuses” to establish campus food pantries, the designation of employees who can assist students, and for the development of student meal credit-sharing programs known as Swipe Out Hunger.

$5 million one-time Prop 98 funds to create Bilingual Teacher Professional Development Program providing grants to local educational agencies for specified teachers and paraprofessional employees who seek to obtain authorizations necessary to provide bilingual instruction.

$4.5 million in one-time funding from Proposition 98 to support mental health services and training in the California Community College system.

$2 million from the Road Maintenance and Rehabilitation Account, State Transportation Fund to fund San Jose State University’s Mineta Transportation Institute --for transportation research, consistent with SB 1 (Beall).

$1.5 million in Proposition 98 funding for the Department of Education to establish the California-Grown Fresh School Meals Grant Program. Grants are allocated to local educational agencies to be used to implement healthy school meals through equipment purchase and providing professional development.

$49,000 from federal McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance grant to provide professional development and training materials to local education agency liaisons for homeless children and youth.

Obtained a $5,000 grant to support a project by San Jose State University students, alumni and faculty to promote understanding of the history and lives of Latino fruit processing workers, “Cannery Workers, Cannery Lives.”

Co-authored legislation to ensure California’s growing demand for qualified nurses is met by authorizing the California State University to award the Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree at San Jose State and four other campuses on a permanent basis. AB 422 signed.

Passed SB 12 to increase the college enrollment of foster youth by requiring county child welfare agencies to assign a staffer to assist the student through the financial aid application process. Beall’s bill authorizes the California Community College system to double existing on-campus-based support programs from the 10 districts to 20. Signed into law.

Voted to make community college affordable by waiving fees for one academic year for first-time freshmen who submit and complete an application for Free Application for Federal Student Aid or the California Dream Act. AB 19, signed.


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