Beall Gets 100 Percent Rating From Environmental Groups

October 29, 2008
Contact: Rodney Foo @  (408) 282-8920

Both the California League of Conservation Voters and Sierra Club California have given perfect ratings to Assembly Member Jim Beall, Jr. for his support of legislation to protect our state’s water, air, parks, and also to  stimulate “green’ building.

“I believe that our future generations should be able to enjoy the same creeks, parks, blue skies, and clean air that I loved as a kid growing up in San Jose,’’ Beall said. “We owe our children a clean and healthy environment.’’

The groups reviewed the votes of each lawmaker at the State Capitol on bills that ranged from water conservation to banning plastic bags, eliminating perfluorinated compounds from food, and reducing pollution generated by our busy ports.

In congratulating Beall, Sierra Club California Director Bill Magavern said, “You voted to protect California’s families from toxics in the products they use every day, to safeguard your home state against fire danger, and to give kids an opportunity to learn and play outside . . . casting strong, green votes that exemplify a genuine commitment to sustainability and environmental health.’’