March 2011 E-Newsletter

April 18, 2011


I'll be at City Espresso, 630 Blossom Hill Road, #50, San Jose, on Saturday, March 26, from 9 to 11 a.m., meeting one-on-one with constituents, listening to their concerns, and answering questions about pressing state issues. Click here to RSVP.

While I am in Sacramento, my staff will be holding a series of "mobile district offices'' throughout the community to help Assembly District 24 residents. The locations, dates, and times for the next mobile district offices are:

  • Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market, 1409 Bird Ave., San Jose - March 16, Wednesday, 3 to 6 p.m.
  • Saratoga Library, 13650 Saratoga Ave., Saratoga - March 23, Wednesday, 3to 6p.m.
  • Starbucks / Santana Row, 3055 Olin Ave., San Jose – April 15, 3 to 6 p.m.
  • Save Mart, 234 Saratoga Ave., Santa Clara – April 19, 2 to 5 p.m.



Patricia Gardner, 2011 Woman of the Year

In 1987, Congress officially designated March as Women's History Month to acknowledge the accomplishments of women and their struggle to emerge from a de facto second class citizenship.

Today, we see women in all walks of life and in positions of power. Women now outpace men in college enrollment and graduation.

Yet, women still have far to go in achieving equality where it counts in this country: the paycheck.

At every level of educational attainment, women earn about 75 percent of what their male counterparts make.

A White House report on the Status of Women in America determined women were more likely to live in poverty than men because of their lower earnings combined with the fact that women are also more likely to be responsible for raising and supporting children.

We must not forget there is still much to do to make our society a level playing field for women. Neither should we ignore or forget the women who have made a difference.

This is why every March, the Assembly asks each of its members to select a Woman of the Year in their district.

This year, I have chosen Patricia Gardner, executive director of the Silicon Valley Group of Nonprofits, which is comprised of more than 200 organizations. I've admired her hard work for a long time.

She is a powerful advocate who has helped preserve our Safety Net services in the face of dwindling budgets. I think she personifies what Women's History Month is about: Women who are changing our communities for the better.


The California Public Utilities Commission is seeking public opinion on how to institute a new 669 Area Code in Santa Clara County.

The Northern American Numbering Plan Administration, which works with the telecommunications industry to develop area code relief plans, predicts that we will soon exhaust the available phone number combinations under the 408 Area Code. The solution is to introduce an additional Area Code – 669 – in the Santa Clara County region.

There are two ways to add a new Area Code:

  • Geographical split – This would work by splitting the 408 Area Code region in two smaller regions. Basically, one region would retain the 408 code and the other region would be assigned the new 669 Area Code.
  • Area Code overlay – Once the 408 numbers run out, new phones and telecommunication devices will be assigned the 669 code.

The utilities commission is holding public hearings this month and requesting public comment on the available options.

The public can voice their opinion either by attending one of the five public meetings scheduled in March, by telephone to the area code hotline, (866) 340-6147, via the web at, via email to or a letter addressed to the CPUC at Public Advisor, 320 W. 4th St, Suite 500, Los Angeles, CA 90013.