Please support AB 1600

April 18, 2011

Help make Assembly Bill 1600, the California Mental Health and Substance Abuse Parity Act, a reality.

AB 1600 ends the disparity in health coverage benefits between mental and physical illnesses. It requires health insurers to furnish coverage for mental disorders and substance abuse equivalent to the coverage already provided for physical illnesses and injuries.

Passage of AB 1600 will enable countless numbers of Californians obtain the treatment they need from their health insurers. A UCLA found that one in five Californians reported a need for mental health services.

Three previous bills similar to AB 1600 have reached the Governor’s desk only to be vetoed. More than ever, we need your help. We ask that you urge Governor’s administration to support AB 1600.

To download a letter of support, please click here.

For information on how to contact the Governor’s office, please click here.