Beall's Bill to Save Santa Clara County $1 Million for Local Youth Shelters Passes First Committee

April 02, 2013

SACRAMENTO – The Senate Committee on Public Safety on Tuesday unanimously approved Senator Jim Beall’s proposal to allow Santa Clara County to keep $1 million in state funds and re-invest that cash in local shelters for runway or homeless youths. Current law requires the county to return that money to the state.

“Senate Bill 347 enables Santa Clara County  to pump more money into the services that will help children and young adults who have no where to go and stay safe,’’ Beall said.

Senate Bill 347 now moves to the Senate Appropriations Committee for approval.

In 1990, the county received $1 million from the state through Proposition 86 bonds to construct a Children’s Shelter in Campbell. Voters approved the $500 million in 1988 in order to assist counties in the building of new youth facilities and jails. But after the county began to institute a new range of Out-of-Home Placement strategies that placed children in family settings, the average number of children and their duration of stay at the Children’s Shelter campus steadily dropped to the point where the operation of the shelter was no longer required.

The county recently decided to sell the property. However, Proposition 86 mandated the $1 million in funding to be returned to the state upon the sale of the shelter. SB 347, if passed and signed into law, would lift that requirement.