Beall Saves Santa Clara County Taxpayers $1 Million

October 02, 2013

SACRAMENTO – Santa Clara County will now keep $1 million that was destined to be paid to the state thanks to a bill introduced by Senator Jim Beall and signed into law today by the Governor

“Instead of giving $1 million to Sacramento, our county can hang onto the cash to re-invest in services for run-away and homeless youth to keep them safe,’’ Beall said.

The circumstances of Senate Bill 347 bill stretches back to 1990 when the county received a $1 million grant through Proposition 86 bonds to construct the Children’s Shelter in Campbell. Voters approved $500 million for bonds in 1988 to help counties build youth facilities and jails. But after Santa Clara County instituted a new range of Out-of-Home Placement strategies that placed children in family settings, the average number of children and their duration of stay at the Children’s Shelter campus steadily dropped to the point where the shelter was no longer required.

The county eventually sold the shelter property. However, the county was required under the Proposition 86 grant to return the $1 million to the state upon the sale of the shelter. The Governor’s signing of SB 347 lifts that requirement, enabling the county to keep the money for investment in other local youth shelters.

SB 347 passed the Senate and Assembly with no opposition.  The bill was sponsored by Santa Clara County and supported by the Housing Trust of Santa Clara, the California Alliance of Child and Family Services, the Bill Wilson Center, California Coalition for Youth, California Council of Community Mental Health Agencies, California Youth Empowerment Network, Housing California, and Mental Health America of California.