Beall Calls for Congress to Renew Unemployment Benefits

January 17, 2014


SACRAMENTO -- With the expiration of federally funded benefits for the long-term unemployed affecting more than 200,000  Californians, Senator Jim Beall has introduced a resolution urging Congress to renew funding.

“Even though the state unemployment has dropped, too many Californians and their families are still suffering from the recession,’’ Beall said. “Thousands of unemployed Californians have run out of benefits and they need help. For many of our families, the federal Emergency Unemployment Compensation program was the critical margin they needed to put food on the table or keep a roof over their heads. I am asking Congress to renew the unemployment benefits because it is the right thing to do.’’

Senate Joint Resolution 18 points out that the state unemployment rate hovers at 8.5 percent and there are three unemployed workers for every available job opening. Last year, the EUC program pumped $4.5 billion into the state’s economy. The program ended Dec. 28.

Senators Beall, D-San Jose, and Ellen Corbett, D-East Bay, are joint authors on SJR 18. The resolution, which enjoys bi-partisan support, has 26 co-authors.