DMV Selects New East San Jose Office Site

April 02, 2014


SACRAMENTO – The Department of Motor Vehicle’s decision to open a new branch office on Senter Road in San Jose will help thousands of residents and make our roads safer, Senator Jim Beall said today.

The action taken by the DMV is a direct result of the passage of Assembly Bill 60, which allows an estimated 1.4 million undocumented immigrants statewide to become eligible to obtain a driver’s license.

The new DMV branch will be located at 2222 Senter Road, a few blocks north of Tully Road, and is scheduled to open January 2015.

“I’m very glad the state listened to my recommendation to place a new DMV office in this section of San Jose because this area has been a historically underserved community,’’ Beall said. “I think the DMV made a great choice.

“I don’t think we can continue to labor under the false assumption that an undocumented immigrant will not drive solely because he or she lacks a driver’s license. The new law will increase safety. They will now have to pass a rules-of-the-road examination, a driving test, and get auto insurance before acquiring a driver’s license.

“Many immigrant families make their homes in East San Jose and placing a DMV office in their community just makes sense. I believe it will be heavily used.’’

Mayor Chuck Reed welcomed the DMV’s plans.

“The opening of new DMV branch office in San Jose is great news for our community and will help improve our residents’ access to important state services,” Mayor Chuck Reed said. “I’d like to thank Governor Brown, Senator Beall, and other members of the legislature for making it possible to bring this new office to San Jose.”

To facilitate a projected increase in applications for licenses, the DMV has authorized to open four temporary DMV field offices across the state, including one earmarked for Santa Clara County.

Last week, Beall chaired a Senate Budget and Fiscal Review subcommittee that approved a $67.4 million budget proposal sought by the Governor’s administration to open the new DMV branches and fuhnd 822 related jobs.

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