Cap and Trade Dollars Should Target Mass Transit and Rail

May 15, 2014

SACRAMENTO – As the Legislature considers Cap and Trade proposals, Sen. Jim Beall, chairman of the Senate budget subcommittee responsible for reviewing those ideas, said he believes funding rail and transit projects in urban areas offer the best solution for reducing greenhouse gases.

“The transportation sector is the largest emitter of greenhouse gases,’’ Beall, D-San Jose, said today. “Getting people out of their car and into public transportation makes the most sense about where we should invest Cap and Trade dollars. Transportation-related greenhouse gases account for about 40 percent of emissions.

“A draft plan by the Senate that is now in being reviewed in the budget subcommittee on transportation would create a new funding category for urban and metro transportation and metro rail transit. Expanding mass transit will dramatically help clean the air, such as the BART extension to San Jose that will slash greenhouse gases by 16,000 tons a year.’’

“California’s freeways are clogged with cars. By improving mass transit and rail systems, we can get more commuters off the road and efficiently transport them to and from their homes and workplaces.’’