SB 924 Approved by Assembly

August 25, 2014


SACRAMENTO  –  The Assembly today approved Senate Bill 924,  Senator Jim Beall’s  proposal to allow the victims of childhood sexual abuse additional time to file a lawsuit against the people who harmed them.

SB 924 would raise the civil statute of limitations up to age 40 from the existing ceiling of 26 years old. The proposed law would be applied prospectively; plaintiffs would be able to sue for damages suffered resulting from child sex abuse that occurred on or after Jan. 1, 2015.

“Changing the law allows more adult survivors of  childhood sex abuse to gain a measure of justice by pursing civil damages against their assailants,’’ Beall said.

“Survivors will be able to obtain restitution and force the perpetrators to accept the economic responsibility for the consequences of their terrible actions.  Child sex abuse in America costs us about $23 billion annually and I hope with this bill we can begin to shift some of those expenses onto the abusers.’’

The Assembly’s unofficial vote was 50-17. The bill returns to the Senate for a vote on concurrence.