Audrie's Law Sent to Governor

August 27, 2014

SACRAMENTO – By a 36-0 concurrence vote on Tuesday night, the Senate approved Audrie’s Law, legislation that opens the doors to juvenile court hearings on sex assaults and mandates rehabilitative treatment for offenders.

“Audrie’s Law passed the Legislature without a single ‘no’vote  cast against it on the floors of the Senate and Assembly,’’said Senator Jim Beall, who introduced Senate Bill 838.  “I hope the Governor signs this bill because it will throw light on what goes on in our juvenile courts and ensures young people who are convicted of sex crimes get the necessary treatment and services before they return into society.’’

Passage of Audrie’s Law comes almost two years after the death of Audrie Pott,  a 15-year-old  Saratoga High student. Audrie took her life after she was sexually assaulted while unconscious by three boys. In the aftermath of the assault, pictures of her were electronically shared by the boys with some of her classmates.

The assault and the dissemination of the photos overwhelmed her. Days before her death, Audrie wrote on her Facebook page: “My life is ruined...I am in hell...The whole school knows...My life is over...."

SB 838 calls for:
•    Prosecutions of juveniles for specific sex crimes against an unconscious or developmentally disabled victim to be open to the public.

•    Require a minor to complete a sex offender treatment program when a minor is adjudged or continued as a ward of the court for the commission of specified sex offenses, if the court determines, in consultation with the county probation officer, that suitable programs are available.

•    Juveniles convicted of rape, sodomy, or oral copulation will not have the option of paying a fine or participating in community service or a treatment program in order for charges to be dismissed.