SB 628 Clears Legislature

August 30, 2014

SACRAMENTO -- Furnishing local governments with a new way to pay for improving and expanding their infrastructure, the Legislature today approved Senator Jim Beall’s SB 628. The bill now goes to the Governor for his consideration

“This bill will help local jurisdictions finance transportation projects and transit-oriented development,’’ Beall said. “The cost of maintaining or building much-needed transportation projects is estimated to be over $500 billion over the next decade for the entire state. 

“Now with the option of creating Enhanced Infrastructure Financing Districts under SB 628, communities can create transit-oriented neighborhoods and business districts to cut traffic gridlock, reduce commutes and greenhouse gas emissions. These investments not only ensure the health and well-being of our communities but they will also serve to create jobs.’’

Under the bill, the types of projects that will be eligible for funding include water, flood control, energy, storm water management, energy, affordable housing, environmental mitigation, and transportation, such as bringing BART through San Jose.

SB 628 permits local governments to create the districts with voter approval. However, the district must go the ballot to obtain 55 percent voter approval to issue bonds or levy an assessment
SB 628 was approved by the Assembly on a 43-30 vote. The Senate voted 21 to 13 on concurrence.

The bill is supported by the California Economic Summit; California Infill Builders Federation; California Park and Recreation Society; California Special Districts Association; California State Association of Counties; and California League of Cities.