Beall's SB 628 Signed by Governor

September 29, 2014

SACRAMENTO – Senate Bill 628, a new alternative for local governments to fund transportation projects and other infrastructure needs, was signed into law by Governor Brown today.

“The bill is an innovative step toward ensuring California’s crumbling infrastructure is expanded or repaired in preparation for future generations,’’ said Beall, who introduced SB 628.

“Redevelopment agency boards were allowed to pick projects and issue bonds without the approval of the public. But, SB 628 provides the public with more transparency and protection by giving voters the power to approve the creation of an enhanced infrastructure district, its projects, and the issuance of bonds or levy an assessment based on a 55 percent majority vote.’’

Unlike redevelopment agencies, the enhanced infrastructure financing districts under SB 628 do not take property tax revenue and growth from school districts.

Projects eligible for funding include water, flood control, energy, storm water management, affordable housing, environmental mitigation, and transportation – such as extending BART to San Jose.

The bill drew wide support ranging from the California Economic Summit to the California Park and Recreation Society to the California League of Cities.