Beall Named Chairman of Senate Transportation and Housing Committee

December 17, 2014

SACRAMENTO – Senator Jim Beall, who has played instrumental roles in funding Highway 85 and extending BART to San Jose, was appointed chairman of the Senate Transportation and Housing Committee today.

“It’s an honor to be assigned to oversee the Senate Transportation and Housing Committee,’’ said Beall, D-San Jose. “California faces many challenges in improving highway maintenance and removing litter and graffiti from our roads. Equally important is linking mass transit with affordable housing to reduce urban sprawl, traffic congestion, and greenhouse gas emissions. I’m very optimistic we can find the solutions by working hard to craft innovative ideas that will get the job done and save money for California.’’

Beall has an extensive background in transportation, serving on the Metropolitan Transportation Commission for more than 20 years, both as a member and chairman, during his terms on the San Jose City Council and Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors.

As a legislator, he introduced AB 57, which became law, to update the MTC’s membership by giving one additional seat each for San Jose and Oakland to acknowledge their tremendous growth in population and jobs over the past 40 years; giving the cities a greater voice in the  funding of Bay Area highway and mass transit projects.

In the last session, Beall introduced Senate Bill 628, a new alternative for local governments to fund transportation projects and other infrastructure needs. The bill was signed into law by Governor Brown.

Earlier this month, Beall introduced SB 9, a proposal to allow multi-year funding for large, innovative mass transit projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The bill ensures funding certainty for projects, such as the BART extension to San Jose.