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After a far-right group harassed councilmembers and shut down Los Gatos Town Council meetings last fall, the town developed a new system and set of policies to prevent further disruptions.

Now, that framework has been codified for all local governments in the state.

 A new California law will protect local mayors and city councilmembers from bullying and harassment at public meetings.

The new pilot program, approved by the Board of Supervisors Tuesday, will send out payments of a thousand dollars per month to homeless high school seniors with no strings attached. The goal is to help them make a transition into higher education or jobs.

A bill that would expand judicial discretion to judges, allowing them to order a sentence other than the death penalty or life in prison without parole (LWOP) for “felony murder special circumstances” cases passed the Assembly appropriations committee last Thursday.

A California bill that would allow public officials to remove disruptive individuals from meetings is poised to become law after gaining bipartisan support.

Jamil Wilson was planning to celebrate his 20th birthday with friends, so he didn’t give it much thought when one of them, prior to the party, asked if they could pick up another pal at his home in Cerritos.

Until this month, East San Jose’s history was a gaping hole in the city’s local libraries.

The community, often overlooked and neglected, did not see itself at all reflected in Silicon Valley’s history books.

Life expectancy is shrinking, the poor are getting poorer and Silicon Valley’s wealthiest are flourishing.