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Homeless high school students in Santa Clara County may soon receive an income lifeline.

Santa Clara County has renewed its commitment to address the health care gap among its Vietnamese residents.

In 2020, Santa Clara County voted to make Juneteenth a county holiday, the first county in California. As the holiday approaches this weekend, leaders hope that action may lead to statewide change. Santa Clara County has an incredibly diverse population that makes our home what it is.

Joining a growing tide of guaranteed-income programs across California, a state bill making its way through the Legislature would give $1,000 a month to unhoused high school seniors.

A state lawmaker from the South Bay is proposing a guaranteed income for recent high school graduates who are homeless.

Supporters are bracing for rougher sailing for a bill that has picked up additional opposition but needs a two-thirds vote in both houses to pass—but, at least on Wednesday, SB 300 by Senator Dave Cortese cleared a key hurdle, advancing through the Assembly Public Safety Committee.

A state bill from a Silicon Valley legislator could bring hope and help to homeless high school students.

KRON4 spoke to California State Senator Dave Cortese, who has helped secure funding for the VTA to recover, also a bill working its way through the California legislature that he thinks would help stop mass school shootings.