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This January, the face of local government in California will change in many ways. In 2022, state lawmakers passed a series of measures, some intended to empower and protect local officials who feel unsafe in the volatile political climate.

Expect a lot of debate over how California should respond to the state’s mounting fentanyl epidemic when state lawmakers return to Sacramento early next year.

It's a crisis unfolding not just on our streets, but also in our schools. View the full story at this link. 

State Senator Dave Cortese (D-San Jose) introduced new legislation on the first day of Legislative Session this week, designed to prevent opioid and fentanyl overdoses and death among California’s youth. View the full story. 

Following spates of fentanyl overdoses among students, California public schools could be required to provide Narcan on campuses — a nasal spray that can reverse deadly effects of opioids.

It has become common to hear about a drug bust or opioid-related deaths across the Bay Area.

A $25 million grant will be provided to fund seven guaranteed income pilot projects across the state of California, according to California State Senator Dave Cortese’s office. View the full story at this link.